Qt WeTab App Challenge

Sponsored by 4tiitoo & contribution from WeTab, Nokia, Qt & Intel AppUp developer program

UPDATE July 11, 2011:

All entries of the Qt WeTab App challenge have been reviewed and the best apps in each category were preselected. Now you can vote for the best app of the category! Please note: Due to requests for clarification from participants, the submissions in category “Knowledge” will still be possible for another three weeks – until August 1, 2011 (23:59 PST)! Examples for Knowledge apps are the Wikipedia-Widget or the Leo-Translation-Widget in the category “Knowledge” of the WeTab Market. This is your chance to submit another app on Qt WeTab App Challenge. For questions please do not hesitate to contact us at appchallenge-questions@4tiitoo.com.


The WeTab is the first MeeGo-based tablet computer on the market and unlike its tablet brothers and sisters, the WeTab offers open software and hardware. Instead of holding back on features and functionalities, the WeTab develops them together with you. The WeTab OS based on MeeGo technology runs on an open platform where anyone can contribute.

The WeTab OS-based tablets are currently sold in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Spain with several more countries to follow within the next month. Supported languages include Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. WeTab Market is available worldwide and apps are currently downloaded from users in more than 50 countries. With nearly 1.000.000 downloads since its launch in late 2010, the WeTab Market is currently the largest MeeGo Market worldwide. Learn about the WeTab Apps and Widgets at the bottom of this page.

The Qt WeTab App Challenge

To celebrate the upcoming MeeGo Conference, we challenge you to develop the best looking, most innovative, awesomely conceived and wonderfully functional Qt-based app for the WeTab! Developers can choose to create apps for five categories: communication, games, entertainment, knowledge and tools. The best apps in each category will receive WeTabs, cash and merchandise prizes from Nokia, Qt and Intel AppUp developer program.

All the winning apps will be deployed in the WeTab Market. You will have additional download opportunities while distributing your application to consumers via the Intel AppUp center and more than 18 affiliated store partners. Developers will retain all intellectual property ownership of their submissions.

Intel AppUp developer program

WeTab supports Intel AppUp developer program (http://appdeveloper.intel.com) which provides developers with everything they need to easily develop and sell applications for Intel® Atomâ„¢ processor-based products like the WeTab. The program supports developers to create applications based on Qt and QML and includes the following tools: Software Development Kits (SDKs), app-validation, hands-on application labs, Intel AppUp application fund, which includes Accelerator funding and the Intel AppUp developer challenge.

Important dates

Submission period:
Start: May 23, 2011, End: July 1, 2011 (23:59 PST)

Judging period:
Start: July 2, 2011 End: July 10, 2011 (23:59 CET)

Public voting period:
Start: July 11, 2011 (12:00 CET) End: July, 18, 2011 (23:59 PST)

Winners announced:
July 21, 2011

App development categories

“¢ Communication
“¢ Entertainment
“¢ Games
“¢ Knowledge
“¢ Tools

Submission Procedure

1. Create an account on the WeTab Open Build Service
2. Download and install the WeTab OS Virtual Machine at http://wetab.mobi/en/developers/downloads-and-howtos/
3. Create your app for one of the five categories above and build a tarball including source code, icon artworks etc. and write a spec file
4. Upload all files to WeTab OBS and build your app
5. Submit your app and info for the contest. Please note that if you are a Qt Ambassador, please indicate this in the submission form.

Judgement Procedure

A panel of qualified judges will review the entries and preselect the best apps of each category. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
“¢ Best Use of Qt
“¢ Usefulness
“¢ Coding Creativity
“¢ User Interface

On July 11, 2011 the best applications of each category will be posted on the WeTab Facebook page (www.facebook.com/WeTab) and connected Facebook friends can vote for the category winners in a public poll until July 18, 2011.
For more information about the judging procedure have a look at “Contest Rules” (Section 3, “žSelecting Winners”).

Further information

The official contest rules can be found at http://wetab.mobi/app-challenge-rules/
Visit https://meego.com/developers/ for more information about WeTab and MeeGo developing. If you have any further questions regarding the contest, please mail to appchallenge-questions@4tiitoo.com

WeTab Market Apps and Widgets
WeTab Market applications will run on all other MeeGo based devices, with many more hitting the market in 2011. Applications can be launched via a simple starter icon (1×1 grid), which is generated either via a standard desktop icon (64×64 prefered) or a special designed icon (e.g facebook icon). WeTab furthermore extends the interaction possibilities by adding widgets to the pinboard. Widgets are small applications themselves, implementing further functionality directly on the pinboard (e.g. bing Maps widget or clock widget). Widgets can work independently as a small application, act as quick interface for installed full blown applications or just display dynamic content from the web or applications (1×1, 2×2, 2×3 grid). So users have even faster access to the content, they are looking for.

WeTab Pinboard
The Pinboard – WeTab’s main menu