Community Developer’s Guide

This guide will show you, how to develop an application for the WeTab and publish it through the Community Portal. For this purpose, we will develop a small program in C++ based on the Qt framework Although we do not officially support them, the development platform supports many different programming languages, such as Objective C, C#, java, python, ruby and perl.

For the tutorial, only a minimum knowledge of Linux is required. All necessary commands for setting up, building and deploying a project are contained within this guide. If, for instance, you already have a Qt based application on some other operating system, and you want to port it to the WeTab, you should find it easy to port it to the WeTab.

Since the publishing process is in development, please note that it has not been tested excessively, so there might still be some obstacles that we did not take into account. Still, we would like to welcome every new developer and improve the process for the future.

There are three steps to publishing your application: develop, provide and publish.

Develop and Test

Everything you need to develop WeTab applications is contained in a pre-configured virtual machine image for VirtualBox, which runs under Linux, Windows and OSX. It has the same Meego operating system and programs that are installed on the WeTab and, in addition, several development tools. It has a pre-installation of the Qt SDK and the libraries required to develop widgets for the Pinboard desktop of the WeTab.


You will be able to use the Community Build server to compile and provide your applications to the Community repository. For this purpose there is an Open Suse Build server to do the job. You can upload the sources of your application to it and let it compile the packages. They can be installed through the Repository Browser by any user.


Once your package is available in the repository, you can submit it so that it be scheduled for release in the Market. The software will then be tested.

** This process is still under construction, it will be available soon **

There will be a Web Interface where you can submit your projects.

This tutorial will demonstrate all steps in building and publishing a simple Qt-based Hello World application, so you should read it in progressing order.



This chapter covers the basics you need for developing applications on the wetab.


This chapter describes, how to create an RPM package, and how to upload it onto the build server.


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