Packaging widgets – TTA Archives

TTA Package

Widgets are packaged as TTA files, which are regular ZIP archives with a predefined content structure.

Sample TTA for a Static Widget  
mybookmark-tta/metadata.xml Metadata XML File (see below)
mybookmark-tta/mybookmark.desktop .desktop file
mybookmark-tta/Widget-MyBookmark.png Widget graphic, specified as “Icon” in the desktop file (168x105px)
mybookmark-tta/icon.png Icon for the WeTab Market (115x72px)
mybookmark-tta/screenshot-1.png Screenshot(s) (538x330px), arbitrary filename, should be defined in metadata.xml

Sample TTA for a Tiitoo App Widget Metadata XML File (see below) full source package including .pro file, src and lib folders icon for the WeTab Market 115x72px Screenshot(s) (538x330px), arbitrary filename, should be defined in metadata.xml**.* Any other file(s) or directory(s) required by the widget

See Step by Step HelloWorld Widget Guide for generating the TTA package automatically using ANT.

TTA packages for Tiitoo App Widgets contains the complete source code of your widget. After a technical review process the source code will be compiled and your widget will be build on WeTab Market build servers using the most up to date SDK Version in order to prevent any incompatibility issues with the devices on the field. The source archive should have the following structure:

Sample source archive

mywidget-src.tar.gz/ Qt Project File
mywidget-src.tar.gz/src/*.cpp C++ sources
mywidget-src.tar.gz/src/*.h C++ headers
mywidget-src.tar.gz/resources/**.* Any resources required at compile time such as Qt Resource (.qrc), Qt Translation (.qm) files. Developers should always pack their resources in .qrc files

Widget Metadata

Every TTA package must contain a metadata.xml file in the following format.

Widget Naming Convention

  • Tiitoo App Widget names may contain only [a-z0-9]] . No spaces, no dashes, no uppercase letters, nothing else
  • Bookmarks: [a-z0-9]+”-bookmark”
  • Launchers: [a-z0-9]+”-launcher”

Submitting Widgets to the WeTab Market

The WeTab application store is now open for developers as first store for MeeGo Apps!.