Reach out and touch faith

Someone to hear your prayers: 3 reasons why the WeTab is simply the smartest tablet solution around.

1. Because you can do anything with it

Its design will leave you breathless, and its capabilities will drop your jaw. Wait until you get it into your hands: The WeTab lays the world at your fingertips. Browse the internet, watch movies, play games, write e-mails and posts- do whatever you want! You can even get some work done, if you must.

2. Because it sets you free

So why is it “žWe”Tab, anyhow? It supports Adobe Flash so you can see whatever video format you want. It supports all popular file formats so you can hear and read whatever you choose. It comes with a variety of ports so you can simply plug in your equipment: connect it to your printer or import data from your USB stick – discover a world without limits.

3. Because the whole world is working for you

Instead of holding back on features and funcitionalities, we develop them together with you. The WeTab OS based on MeeGo technology runs an open platform to which anyone can contribute. It is based on established technologies – Linux, Java and Adobe AIR® – so developers all over the world can create smart applications.