4tiitoo AG announces plans for Tizenâ„¢ based version of WeTab OS; extended HTML5 support across all portfolio platforms

Munich – 29 September 2011: Today, 4tiitoo AG announces an extension of WeTab”™s portfolio with Tizenâ„¢.
Shortly after the first project release of Tizen in Q1 2012 WeTab will release its version of a Tizen WeTab OS
initially targeted at tablets, netbooks, and all-in-one PCs, allowing operating system based interoperability
with the devices launched from partners in the Tizen project. The WeTab OS based on Tizen will continue
4tiitoo”™s multi-framework support including the capability to run Qt applications to give developers choice of
their preferred technology. At the same time existing WeTab OS devices in the field will be updated with Tizen
capabilities to benefit from the new application possibilities of Tizen, which is strongly focused around the
HTML5 standard.

4tiitoo AG joins Linux Foundation, LiMo Foundationâ„¢ and their ecosystem partners to help position Tizen as
the new Linux-based open source software platform for multiple device categories. Tizen will build on the
strengths of both MeeGo and LiMo and help to strategically bring together some of the strongest supporters of
Linux platforms in the market.

“We believe Tizen is a clear signal and the right decision to ensure a competitive mobile market to deliver the
best devices to the consumer. The governance model chosen results in one of the strongest commitment to a true
open source ecosystem from market leading commercial partners today. Tizen will span across the whole value
chain from silicon manufacturers to world class OEMs, to companies with superb handset experience, leading
operators, and the WAC web development environment. 4tiitoo is looking forward to having WeTab operating
system solutions as part of this ecosystem.” says Tore Meyer, CEO of 4titoo AG.

As market leader of MeeGo tablet systems, 4tiitoo will launch a Tizen based version of WeTab OS in sync with
the final release of Tizen. The new version will be the next step in the WeTab OS philosophy to have one
platform supporting all technologies: While integrating HTML5 as Tizen”™s core application environment,
WeTab OS will continue to support applications from a multitude of environments including Linux (Qt, GTK,
KDE, Gnome), Microsoft Windows, Google Android, Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR.

With first devices expected in mid 2012, our initial focus will be concentrated on touch screen driven systems
like tablets, all-in-ones, and will soon be extended to netbooks. Like MeeGo, Tizen is designed with multi
platform capabilities to support the compute continuum approach. In combination with new devices from our
partners and the increased handset competence in the alliance, Tizen will soon be able to offer a complete and
integrated environment for the consumer.

4tiitoo devices based on Tizen will have extended capabilities to further enhance the user experience. At the
same time, the dedicated support of HTML5 and its deep integration across all operating system layers will make
mobile application development even easier for many developers and open up a whole new world of applications
for the user. “Tizen”™s new application framework will help content providers and developers to reduce their
development and maintenance efforts and roll out the same app to several mobile platforms, using HTML5 as
the new industry cross platform standard.” says Stephan Odörfer, CTO of 4tiitoo AG and assures: “Existing
WeTab devices in the field will also benefit from the integration of the capabilities of the Tizen stack into
WeTab OS.”