WeTab Market as first store for MeeGo Apps is now globally open for developers

Munich/Barcelona – February 17, 2011: As of today, developers can globally register for the WeTab Market (application store). The official opening for the public will then follow in March 2011. “žWith MeeGo development gaining momentum, the WeTab Market gives all developers a first home for their MeeGo Apps” says Tore Meyer, CEO 4tiitoo AG. Developers can now register for a beta account at www.wetab-market.com.

WeTab Market extends the open approach of WeTab OS by allowing application technologies ranging from Linux (Qt, KDE, GTK), Java, Adobe® AIR® and Adobe® Flash® to HTML5 and completely web-based services to be integrated in one store. Applications can be ported to MeeGo or developed from scratch using the official WeTab SDK and MeeGo SDK, providing a feature-rich development environment and full Multitouch experience based on Qt 4.7. Developers can find extensive information on how to develop for the WeTab including download links for the SDK at http://wetab.mobi/developers/. For the user the WeTab Market storefront offers one integrated and intuitive interface to access applications from all the different technologies.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) visitors can get an impression of the possibilities of the WeTab and WeTab OS at several demos of WeTab. Demos range from adapted MeeGo Apps like the Opera Mobile Browser and augmented reality (AR) applications up to the new MeeGo Tablet UX offering a glimpse at the future of the operating system and demonstrating the high performance of the 1,66 GHz Intel Atom platform (The demos are on display at our partners booth from Intel, MeeGo and Intel AppUp).

Many Symbian and Nokia Qt developers were initially irritated what Nokia announcement would mean for them. The clear commitment of Intel as the largest MeeGo partner at the MWC and the sheduled opening of the WeTab Market as first app store for MeeGo apps is a clear signal that MeeGo is gaining speed inspite of last weeks events. “žWe received many requests and positive feedback from developers and system partners here at MWC and are looking forward that the apps and ideas of developers are now becoming available on the WeTab and upcoming MeeGo devices.” says Stephan Odörfer, CTO 4tiitoo AG.

WeTab is a tablet PC based on MeeGo technology and an open concept in contrast to closed systems. It connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and 3G and its unique user interface offers quick access to a comprehensive world of applications, news and multimedia content. The WeTab was launched in Germany in September 2010 and is sold by Amazon, Media Markt, OTTO, Karstadt, Cyberport, Conrad, MEDIMAX and EP. Since December 2010 the WeTab is also available in Austria (OTTO, Quelle) and the Netherlands (Makro, The Phone House).

The free WeTab OS 2.1.2 Software Update was rolled out in the beginning of February and brings all-new features to WeTab, which expand the open approach of the system even further and offers significant stability and performance improvements.
“¨WeTab GmbH is a Munich based company offering the WeTab, a feature-rich tablet in the latest design based on 4tiitoo’s innovative user interface and open-store concept as an alternative to closed platforms.”¨
4tiitoo AG was founded to bring the best of Internet and modern information technologies closer to everyone. 4tiitoo offers intuitive software solutions with focus at touch screen devices in combination with content and eCommerce frameworks.